Monday, February 07, 2005

Gaming Laptop

Check this out!

Toshiba has announced a new "ultimate gaming machine" called the Satellite P35, with a decently-fast mobile Pentium 4 (3.3GHz) and a less-than-cutting-edge ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (optional; the default is the 9000). It looks pleasent enough, with its sexy chrome track star screen saver on its glossy 17-inch widescreen (manufacturers note: removing chrome nudist will revoke limited warranty), and it's got Harman Kardon speakers in there somewhere—I'm sure they'll sound fantastic in the quiet of your favorite airport lounge.

Pricing for the megatron superstar starts at $1,800, although expect it to climb upwards of $2,500 when its all said and done. You can get a white-box laptop with just as much or more oomph for a bit less. Just saying.

Toshiba Satellite P35, New High End Gamers Mode [MobileMag]

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