Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gary Condit Update

Justin Levine over at Calblog has an update piece on former Congressman Gary Condit.

Remember Condit's missing and later found murdered intern - Chandra Levy - with whom he had an intimate affair?

Now it is Condit's turn to strike back......by suing everyone in sight.

Not bad work if you can win!

Here is Justin's article:

Gary Condit Update

As Calblog already reported in its comprehensive Condit blog-post, the first deposition of Gary Condit contained a jaw-dropping lie followed by a lawyer-induced obfuscation:

In the deposition, when asked by Dunne lawyer Paul LiCalsi to describe his relationship with Levy in general terms, Condit replied, "We were friends. …It wasn't a romantic relationship."

LiCalsi pressed on, asking what Condit understands the words "'romantic relationship' to mean."

Condit replied, "One of unusual affection, where you pay attention to people and so on and so forth.

"Was there any physical intimacy of any kind in your relationship?" LiCalsi wanted to know.

"I instruct Mr. Condit not to answer the question," Condit's attorney, L. Lin Wood, interjected at that point.

Condit was scheduled to submit to another deposition where he would no doubt be called on the carpet for his lying under oath. But wouldn't ya know it? Condit just so happened to be feeling under the weather right before his scheduled appearance. Gee, what are the odds?

Meanwhile, Condit's stepford-children are speaking out again.

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