Monday, February 28, 2005

Hertzberg to demand changes in Hahn Staff

BoiFromTroy is reporting a Monday afternoon new conference in the Los Angeles Mayor's Race:

While the Los Angeles Times describes the race for Mayor of Los Angeles as, "a regular soap opera" where, "there are so many unsettled scores among the candidates, a less-civilized group would have taken it outside by now," the Candidates keep slugging away at each other today as they head into the final debate--to be aired tonight at 6:30 PM on KCBS Channel 2.

Before the last debate sponsored by the City's neighborhood councils, Mayor James Hahn made a surprise announcement that he wanted to double the funds given by the City to the advisory panels each year. This time around, it is Bob Hertzberg who appears ready to set the agenda for the debate--focusing squarely on the cloud of corruption surrounding the Hahn administration.

At 1 PM today, "Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg will hold a news conference today to call for the resignation of multiple Hahn administration officials. Hertzberg will provide the media with detailed information and rational [sic] for the call for resignation at the news conference." Only 8 more days to see whether all Hahn Administration officials will soon be on their way out!

The City of Los Angeles election will be next Tuesday, March 8th.

Me thinks the incumbent Mayor, Jimmy Hahn is in trouble.

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