Sunday, February 06, 2005

MGM Grokster THoughts Part 2 - Tech, SCUSA Rock n Roll

Mark Cuban has more thoughts on the MGM Grokster Case which is before the U.S. Supreme Court:

I have gotten quite a bit of interesting feedback on this topic and have also seen some wonderful discussion on various discussion lists, including one of my favorites, the PHO list.

Rather than just letting this fall away, i thought I would add some more ….

Does P2P help or hurt content sales ?

the problem with all of this conjecture about value of P2P is that it only considers today’s applications and there is not real quantitive information.about the impact on sales today Only anecdotal information. Did anyone see the NYTimes article the other day where the movie industry wouldnt even release their international sales ? Makes it tough to quantify whether sales have been negatively impacted if there arent any published international numbers.

I think there are more legal music downloads than illegal

No question that music and movies are the most visible content distributed by P2P. Do we know if on an absolute basis most of that music in particular is illegally distributed.? No we dont. Its very conceivable that there are far more personal, vanity projects and independent projects that are being offered on the net than charting music.

Its also probable that the most popular music that is being downloaded is being downloaded illegally. But has anyone done any analysis of the long tail vs the most popular titles ?

Chris Anderson of Wired has written brilliantly about the bellcurve of content and information distribution on the net. That popular items are just that, popular. My guess however is that in absolute numbers, the long tail of the download distribution curves, both in terms of number of songs , and in number of songs downloaded, overwhelm the number of copyrighted songs illegally being downloaded.

How many songs are in the catalogs of the RIAA member labels vs the number of songs on all the indie music sites on the net? Anyone have an idea? How many selfpublishing artists and bands are there offering downloads ? Want to bet A <>

Thats today.Killing the golden goose of progress is what scares me more than anything about all of this P2P hating.

What about future applications? What applications or technology will be aborted before their time if the entertainment industry has their way ?

1 megapixel cameras have turned into 7 megapixel cameras, which will turn into 10megapixel cameras. DV cameras will turn into HDV then HDCam Cameras. All have ever increasing bandwidth and storage requirements. All have business and personal applications. All benefit significantly from bit torrent type P2P applications .

With broadband to the home getting to 10mbs, and hopefully beyond as competition heats up between cable and telcos, is it inconceivable that we would want to setup a password protected bit torrent network so we can share our hospital Xrays with specialists , and then store them in an XDrive like application so we can retain access to our own medical histories?

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