Thursday, February 03, 2005

Patterico's New Feeds

A blog I enjoy daily is Patterico's Pontifications. He has updated his site and has some new feeds:

I have a new RSS feed, and I am hoping that the 182 subscribers to my previous feed will find this new feed. There’s actually more than one: two for the blog and one for the comments.

The feed I recommend for the blog is the Atom feed, which is here. I prefer this feed to the other feed because it tells you who the author of the post is. I recommend it as a good way to keep up with the conversation, at least until One Fine Jay gets my “recent comments” feature up and running on WordPress.

If you want to subscribe to comments via RSS, you can do so with this feed.

Start subscribing! Sorry for the inconvenience of this transfer, but it will make the site much better in the long run. Note, for example, that you can now comment without getting an error message!

Check it Out!

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