Thursday, February 17, 2005

San Luis Obispo County Narcotic Task Force (SLOCNTF) Announces Major Multi-agency Methamphetamine Bust

February 15, 2005 -- (SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY) – The Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) San Luis Obispo Narcotic Task Force (SLOCNTF) today announced the culmination of a multi-agency, year-long investigation that led to the arrest of 18 persons on federal and state drug-related charges.

Law enforcement in San Luis Obispo County have long suspected that a sophisticated criminal enterprise was responsible for distributing large amounts of methamphetamine and heroin in the Paso Robles area. To address the problem, approximately one year ago, an investigation was initiated by SLOCNTF. The investigation required the use of informants, extensive surveillance and undercover agents. During the course of the investigation, agents made numerous purchases of narcotics from an individual supplied by the Guerrero Organization.

At the completion of this investigation, six people were arrested on federal drug charges and 12 people on state drug-related charges. Among the items seized are: more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine worth nearly $500,000, 43 grams of heroin, 3.5 grams of cocaine, over $73,000 in U.S. currency, two semi-automatic handguns, and several rifles. SLOCNTF is pursuing federal seizure proceedings on two residences and a 2001 Yukon sport utility vehicle owned by Guerrero.

SLOCNTF received extensive financial and logistical support from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. It was through this collaborative effort that law enforcement was able to dismantle this organized trafficking ring which operated from Mexico and throughout the State of California.......

Arrested were the following adults:

• Guerrero, Gavino, 47, Paso Robles
• Sarabia, Raul, 30, Escondido
• Guerrero, Bernardina, 42, Paso Robles
• Gomez-Juarez, Juan, 34, Paso Robles
• Garcia, Jesus Ramon, 50, Atascadero
• Rodriquez, Regino, 59, Paso Robles

• Guerrero, Adela, 21, Paso Robles
• Guerrero, Eliselda, 19, Paso Robles
• Gomez, Joseph, 37, Paso Robles
• Tirado, Jesus, 22, Paso Robles
• Fredrickson, Scott, 43, Paso Robles
• Panos, Jana Louise, 35, Paso Robles
• Sanchez, Rene Gonzales, 34, Paso Robles
• Martinez, Juan, 47, Paso Robles
• Wilbanks, Dorothy, 61, Paso Robles
• Deleon, Renaldo, 36, Paso Robles
• Nunez, Mike, 54, Paso Robles
• Guerrero, Juvenile, 15, Paso Robles

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When will the Congress and the President see the link between the Mexican Drug Cartels, illegal immigration smuggling and Methamphetamine?

We need federal action NOW!

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