Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sometimes it is Better to Keep It Shut!

Passenger detained, suitcase blown up after bomb comment

SAN DIEGO - A woman was detained in Arizona -- and her suitcase blown up at Lindbergh Field -- after she made a testy comment about a bomb while boarding an American West flight Thursday.

East Coast psychiatrist Esha Khoshnu, 46, apparently became frustrated with security screeners and allegedly said, "if i had a bomb you wouldn't find it," KGTV reported.

The woman made the remark while waiting to board a San Diego-bound flight in Phoenix, said Mike Aguilar, Federal Security Director at the San Diego airport.

Airport personnel responded by detaining her for questioning, but her suitcase got past security and was loaded onto the jetliner.

The plane made a routine landing at Lindbergh Field shortly after 7 a.m.

The pilot was instructed to taxi to a remote area of the airport, where about 35 passengers were taken off the plane and escorted onto two buses.

Members of the San Diego Fire Department's bomb squad searched the plane but found no explosives, officials said.

They removed the woman's suitcase and inspected it in an open area on the grounds of the airport, finding nothing suspicious.

But taking no chances, the blew up the bag with an explosive charge and then doused it with water.

After questioning the woman, federal investigators reportedly cleared her to take a later flight to San Diego, where she was due to attend a conference.

It was not immediately clear if Khoshnu would face charges.

Ummmmmm well you know those Shrinks!

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