Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Success Is When All The Right People Hate You

Ted Rall should talk (remember people who live in glass houses.... something about throwing stones).

Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters gives him a more than adequate slap retort:

"So his problem is that he expected bloggers to exist only to agree with his radical beliefs. Of course, that's Rall's idea of free speech. He can criticize anyone he likes, including me, but when people criticize Eason Jordan for making unsubtantiated allegations of assassination strategies about our military, all of a sudden it's McCarthyism. (I notice that Rall does the same thing, but Rall doesn't run one of the largest news organizations in the world.)

Rall, as usual, rants incoherently about how we're ideologically disinclined to hold journalistic "conglomerates" accountable right after we've done exactly that with CBS (Viacom) and CNN (Time Warner). Unfortunately, Rall appears ideologically unable to coexist with the truth, but as anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of reading Rall in the past knows, that condition appears incurable in his case. Rall doesn't really even have enough of a connection to reality to enrage; he just provides amusement, like a crazy old uncle locked in his rec room, typing and muttering about all of the people out to get him. Too bad he's not important enough for it, and that he doesn't even know it."

So, Ted how about knocking off the ad hominems towards bloggers and criticise us and your bosses over at the Universal Press Syndicate (AKA MSM) on the basis/merits of our arguments. You seem to do that everyday with your cartoons.

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