Thursday, February 03, 2005

U.S. Troops Targeting Journalists?

Brit Hume of Fox News reports:

nd CNN’s top news executive Ethan Jordan (search) has found himself called to account by none other than Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank (search). This after Jordan seemed to suggest that the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week, that American troops were deliberating targeting and killing foreign journalists in Iraq, including Western journalists.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Jordan said that of 60 or so journalists killed in Iraq, 12 were killed by coalition forces. Frank then asked Jordan if U.S. forces had actually killed these journalists on purpose? Jordan said, "There are people who believe there are people in the military who have it out for journalists." CNN tonight said though that Jordan does not believe U.S. soldiers are trying to kill journalists.

And Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters has a good analysis of the MSM's attempt to spin the story:

MSM Silence On Eason Jordan

The mainstream media has spent another news cycle ignoring the Eason Jordan scandal, where he has been discovered to have made repeated claims of atrocities deliberately committed by US troops against reporters. CNN felt that Eason's Fables could be so damaging that they took the unusual step of not only e-mailing a statement to those who e-mailed their complaints, but also to bloggers who posted on the story but never sent a complaint to CNN. (We believe they worked off of Hugh Hewitt's link list on the scandal.)

However, despite the obvious concern at CNN, they still have posted nothing on the story, not even their own statement. The Washington Post, where Howard Kurtz was rumored to have been working on this story, likewise has nothing on its pages or website this morning, more than 36 hours after it achieved national prominence from broadcast and bloggers. Likewise, the "Paper of Record" managed to avoid recording anything on this story. The Los Angeles Times provides nothing on its West Coast pages.

What about CNN's competitors? MS-NBC gives us a goose egg. Ditto for CBS News, although that may well be a case of professional courtesy. ABC News gives Eason a pass. Even Fox carries nothing on the controversy.

Here we have the man running a major news organization who has accused the US military, on at least two separate occasions in the last three months, of atrocities specifically aimed at journalists -- and the news media remains completely silent about it? Does that make any sense to you, other than a deliberate media blackout? Hell, even Eason Jordan responded, if completely inadequately -- doesn't that make the newspaper or the web sites?

The MSM has circled the wagons. Don't let them get away with it.

UPDATE: Fox did have one mention on this from Monday night, when Brit Hume included it in The Grapevine, his blog, after apparently mentioning it on air. However, Fox has not mentioned it since, nor has it picked up on the pattern of Eason Jordan's allegations. I'm not sure why they decided to just drop it, but it looks like they have.

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