Saturday, February 19, 2005

Will it be Hertzberg vs. Villaraigosa in the Los Angeles Mayor Run-Off Electionm

Mayor Sam Yorty has two interesting stories tonight regarding the Los Angeles Mayor's Race.

First, Mayor Sam reports that LA Voice is reporting that an internal Villaraigosa poll puts Antonio at 27%, Hertzberg at 25% and the Mayor at a dismal 20%. LA Voice points out that in the current LA Weekly, Harold Meyerson writes that he thinks the Mayor won't make the runoff.

Second, Mayor Sam reports in what can only be categorized as a huge blow to the Hahn team, the LA Times (registration required) is endorsing Hertzberg and Villaraigosa in the Sunday edition of the LA Times (Not online, but in Sunday early print edition). Read the rest here.

Soooo, Mayor Poopie Hahn is trailing to make the run-off election. We can only hope!

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