Friday, March 11, 2005

The coming legal superstorm against bloggers - Exhibit 7

Graphic Courtesy of Kurafire.

Justin Levine over at Calblog has another good piece on the upcoming challenge to bloggers and the blogosphere:

Exhibit 7 of the coming legal superstorm against bloggers. (hat-tip: Instapundit)

This case fits the pattern of my original prediction: Not just libel allegations, but copyright claims will be at the forefront of the superstorm.

Exhibit 6 here (with links to more previous exhibits).

I am always anticipating a letter from a law firm whenever I criticise/review a dental product or procedure. Dental product companies and dentist gurus seem to have very thin skins.

So far so good... and no SLAP yet. But, it will happen and I will be glad to report it.

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