Friday, March 04, 2005

Court: Piercing Doesn't Change DWI Test

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The Indiana Supreme Court says that having a pierced tongue doesn't invalidate a drunk-driving breath test.

The court ruled in the case of Brenna Guy, an Indianapolis woman who argued that her tongue stud was a "foreign substance" in her mouth, which invalidated the test.

She was given a breath test in 2001 after being pulled over for driving on the wrong side of an Indianapolis street.

State law says no foreign substance can be placed in a person's mouth during the 20 minutes before a breath test is administered because it might skew the results of the test.

But the court ruled 4-0 against Guy, saying she had the stud in her mouth for more than 20 minutes before the breath test.

Sooooo don't Drink and Pierce and DRIVE!!

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