Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dental Town Meeting Rip Off?

Joel Eichen has a humorous tale about the Dental Town meeting which will be held in a few weeks in Las Vegas:

"I am always amazed that five or ten DentalCom posters can continue to be a big topic of conversation at the Other White Meat Dental site ..... one cannot mention their name directly in polite conversation, nor can we mention Larry rosenthal .....

Oh I forgot, they do not like us saying words like that ........ they approve more if we bow and curtsy when we mention them.

One of the more humorous postings was when someone actually called the hotel where they were holding the Townie gathering and they found out that room rates were CHEAPER if you did not mention DentalTown! Rod finally came to the rescue and told people that yes, the room rates were higher through DentalTown but this was because they had to guarantee so many people to get access to the ballroom, etc.

Its more spin ..... if I find something at less than market price, I offer that information to my friends ... rather than making MONEY FROM my friends ..... I know this is a foreign concept though!

And talking about it can surely get you banned outa there!"


Yeah, but Joel who cares about Dental Town?

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