Thursday, March 24, 2005

Is the MSM Spreading Lies AGAIN?

Michelle Malkin has a good piece on the latest FLAP from ABC News vis a vis a Republican memorandum re: Terri Schiavo:

John Hinderaker of Power Line got this quote from an ABC News source on the fishy Schiavo memo first disclosed by ABC News reporter Linda Douglass:

the memo discussed a republican bill and was distributed to repulbican senators. That's what we reported. we are obviously not going to divulge our multiple sources. I appeciate your questions, but believe you are approaching this from the wrong end. We asked numerous sources - all confirmed that senators had received the memo in conjunction with one of the bills on the floor. For three days none of those sources has given us any reason to think there is more to the memo than a particularly naked expression of the politics of Shivo case.

Reading between the lines, Hinderaker says ABC News "admits that it knows nothing about who authored and distributed the memo."

ABC News appears to be defending itself on the ground that Douglass never claimed the memo was written or distributed by Republicans. This is true, as I noted yesterday, but Douglass's reporting isn't the issue.

The issue is the headline characterizing the memo as "GOP talking points"--a description that strongly implies the memo was drafted and circulated by GOP higher-ups.

The issue is also Kate Snow's statement on Good Morning America that "ABC News has obtained some talking points that Senate Republicans were circulating...."

Will ABC News officials continue to stonewall, as Dan Rather et al. so famously did just a few months ago? Or will they come clean and promptly issue a correction? What about the Washington Post, which strongly implied in this article that Republicans were responsible for the memo? And what about all the other pundits, from Chris Matthews to Cynthia Tucker, who stated explicitly that Republicans distributed the memo--a statement that an anonymous ABC News official now says ABC News never reported?

You would think the MSM learned something from RatherGate.

Apparently not.

Well, the MSM just KNOWS there is a memo so why not suggest it and perhaps it will show up?

I suppose mainstream news organizations will resort to any conduct to get in FRONT of a story.

Good Grief!

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