Tuesday, March 01, 2005

SMS With the ISS Crew

Russia. From Outer Space

On the occasion of this year's first launch of the Russian resupply spacecraft, space technologies will soon become closer to terrestrial users, reports Tass Agency.

"Telling about promising space technologies, Vladimir Solovyov, director of the flight of the Russian segment of the International Space Sation (ISS) said, "FCC specialists seek to bring space research technologies closer to users down here on Earth. If a subscriber to some mobile communications network wants to know a weather forecast for the Ural Mountains area, for example, he may contact the ISS crew by mobile phone."

"The ISS crew, using radio navigation satellites GLONASS would be able to transmit a respective SMS message to the subscriber's mobile phone. The subscriber will have to wait for an SMS message from space for 24 hours, at first. We have already launched negotiations for this kind of services with the MTS, one of major Russian operators of mobile communication networks," Solovyov said. [via Tass Agency]

Russia's Progress M-52 resupply spacecraft is carrying about 2.5 tonnes of various cargoes, including 50 snails and photographic equipment to monitor the first flight of a US space shuttle following the lifting of the moratorium. The spacecraft was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome at 22:09 Moscow time (19:09 GMT) on Monday.

Japan. From the moon

Related Japan plans to start building a manned base on the moon and a space shuttle within the next 20 years, reports the Associated Press

"The plans also include using satellites to send evacuation routes, locators on people's whereabouts and alerts to cell phones in the event of major emergencies like a tsunami".

OMG can you imagine how they will be spammed!

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