Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tom Delay - Hypocrite?

John Carroll, Editor of the Los Angeles Times

Patterico has a good commentary on the L.A. Times Article, Delay's Own Tragic Crossroads (reg req.) regarding the death of Congressman Tom Delay's father.

So, is Tom Delay a hypocrite?

The Lib writers and editors at the L.A. Times certainly think so. And go to great lengths to spin their NEWS(?) story on their Sunday front page - not their op-ed page.

But, the distinctions between the cases are so noteworthy, particularly the agreement among family members.

Moreover, the Times furthers the cheap shot by mentioning the family's wrongful death lawsuit and the Congressman's attempt to restrain the Tort Trial Lawyers.

This is disgraceful journalism but unfortunately typical of a Times under the leadership of John Carroll and Michael Kinsley.

Michael Kinsley, Op-Ed Editor, Los Angeles Times

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