Sunday, April 10, 2005

AIDS Alert After Dental Office Raid has this story on an unlicensed dentist imposter from Haiti:

(West Palm Beach, Florida) Health officials in Palm Beach County have issued an emergency appeal for people who were treated in two local dental clinic to get tested for HI/AIDS and hepatitis.

Earlier this week Palm Beach County sheriff's officers and an agent from the Florida Department of Health raided the clinics and home of Kenol Pryam, 60.

Pryam operated clinics in Lake Park and Belle Glade, but it was discovered he does not have a dental license.

A native of Haiti, he is licensed in Florida only as a nursing assistant.

The raid on his offices uncovered what the Sheriff's office said were "unsanitary, deplorable" conditions.

Dr. Jean Malecki, director of the Palm Beach County Health Department said that dental patients may have been exposed to diseases and infections because of his use of unsterilized instruments, some reportedly "sanitized" in a toaster oven.

"This guy had over 300 vials of anesthetic drugs, plus 20 empty vials and 20 or more partially used vials of drugs, all without a license to buy or dispense these drugs," Detective Jim Brown told the Palm Beach Post. "Some of the drugs were imported illegally from South America including Lidocaina."

Dr. Phil Bilger, head of the county health department's division of dentistry, said he is concerned about a "1950s or '60s-era X-ray machine" he saw during the raid.

Bilger said it was unlikely the machine had been properly maintained and periodically recalibrated, as required by state law. Periodic inspections also are required in Florida to avoid the risk of overexposure to X-ray

He is facing six felony charges and authorities say he treated hundreds, possibly thousands of patients over the past few years.

Following his arrest Pryam refused to submit to blood tests for communicable diseases, prompting the health alert.

There recently was a dentist imposter in Santa Barbara County but he fled the country after he was discovered.

I wonder if a court will force the HIV testing on this fellow so that his patients can have full disclosure?

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