Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Alberta Liberals ponder a new name

CBC news has the fall-out from the Canadian Adscam Scandel:

EDMONTON - The Alberta Liberal Party is considering changing its name to distance itself from the federal Liberals and the federal sponsorship scandal.

Alberta Liberal Party leader Kevin Taft (file photo)

Party leader Kevin Taft, who has been elected twice in the riding of Edmonton-Riverview, said it's difficult enough to run under the Liberal banner in Alberta.

But if rumours emerging from the Gomery commission are true, it could "forever change the political landscape" in Canada, Taft told the Edmonton Journal.

Taft became leader last year of the 16-member Liberal Official Opposition in the Alberta legislature. He has never belonged to the federal Liberal party.

He said until now he has resisted suggestions the Alberta Liberal Party change its name. "But my resistance on that is down right now, to be honest with you. ... As the leader, I have to ask myself how long do we hang on that? I wouldn't have said that even a week ago, but my resistance to people who raise that is down right now."

The Liberal party formed Alberta's first government 100 years ago under premier Alexander Rutherford when it held 23 of the legislature's 25 seats. But the party has not fared well in most provincial elections since then.

A strong, central, federal government run by one party - absolute power which corrupts absolutely!

Perchance this is the rationale why the American Founders decided on 13 separate states and three separate branches of federal government.

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