Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bear Flag League Round-Up Redux Part 1

Justene over at Calblog is completing a quite exhausting treatise on Bear Flag League Members:

Bear Flag Roundup Part 1

The league is large and doing things like filing an amicus brief (yes, I will keep mentioning it until you have all read it). Who are these league members? For those of you not watching the NFL draft, here's your roundup:

A is for Apple v. Does

Aaron has returned in Aaron's cc: I'll break the rules at the beginning and instead of sending you to one of Aaron's post, take a look at the third, THIRD, year of buy a gun day.

Over at Absinthe & Cookies, Ith is on vacation. You can still get cookies, though. Angela has posted this recipe for Blackberry Jam Bars. She says to cook at 400 degrees and watch for dark edges. I appear to be the only person in the country who cooks by smell. I can tell you if the food smells done, close, or burning and I am generally more accurate than the timer or looking at it.

There are baby pictures at Accidental Verbosity. I love baby pictures.

American Digest is on a ten-day hiatus and has left a list of posts worth reading from his archives. If your new to the League or just new to American Digest, this is a cornucopia of good stuff.

Annika has a good report on Pope Benedict's early burst of ecumenism.

B is for Bear Flag League

Baldilocks commisserates with Condi over her rusty Russian. Rusty Russian or not, it's tough to confuse Da and Nyet. Condi forgot it was a secret. She really is running for President (please, please, please).

Beautiful Atrocities has lots of good stuff. (Note to self. Read Beautiful Atrocities more often.) This post though best fits the blog title.

Beekeeper gets extra points for mentioning the NFL draft. For some of his analysis, though, check out this post on Sacramento Unified School District's latest move.

Below Street Level has been quiet for too long. He sneaks some good stuff in if you go looking.

Ben's Law explains taxes. Someone needs to do it.

Body Parts shares an interesting glimpse into his neighbor's life. There's not enough people-watching left in this world.

BoiFromTroy is my only source for news on the Mayoral election. What is that a picture of?

Bear Flag Roundup Part 2

C is for California

California Conservatives 4 Truth reports on the growing acceptance of bloggers.

New member California Mafia falls into a moment of panic. It can't be that bad.

At California Republic, Eric Hogue reports on the emptiness of the Democrats' rhetoric on education.

Caltech Girl gets mega-points for mentioning AND analyzing the NFL draft.

Enjoy the pride in Citizen Smash's post about his wife.

Cobb: Head over for conversation, stay for the comics.

Coffee with Cranky Beach has lots of good hiking photos, though they had trouble loading for me. This post is the most interesting observation of the bunch.

D is for Digger Causes Trouble

Da Goddess has a not-for-the-children joke.

David Brown is posting on Daily Pundit. I missed the memo. Show of hands -- how many of you had Dads like this?

You should have seen the email list this week. There was infighting, to put it mildly. On a number of topics. Some of it spilled over into the public eye. By the way, Digger is the cause because he jumped first. He wasn't the only one though. Even yours truly started arguing over who knows what.

Kasey is in charge of adding new League members. If it's been quiet lately, get a look at this list of reasons.

Reminding me that I'm old, Drink This blogs about people I have never heard of until she gets to 1959 and Buddy Holly.

Bear Flag Roundup Part 3

E is for the Eastern Half Of the Western Sandwich

e-Claire is on the story of the Minutemen and the ACLU observers. The Minutemen project is a good idea that I fear is doomed to end badly.

Education Wonks host the Carnival of Education. Thusfar, I have spared you my rants on education and the strain it places on me when the girls have to do a 35 page report on the entire Civil War. Go read intelligent posts instead.

F is for Fun

Faute de Mieux follows stories that the rest of the League doesn't pay that much attention to -- like the EU constitution.

Feste has lost inspiration. Perhaps a few visits and a few comments will help.

I is for Individualism

Like many folks, I ordered a couple of Cardinal Ratzinger's books from Amazon right after he was elected. Infinite Monkeys headed over to Barnes & Noble and found something that surprised me.

J is for Just Missed Him

I was supposed to have lunch with Jeff Doolittle a couple of weeks ago but blew him off to head to SF for a Fox News interview that got cut to about 20 seconds. I should have eaten lunch first. Jeff needs to post more entries like this one on poverty.

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