Saturday, April 23, 2005

Berekeley Professor's Laptop Goes Missing

Did you hear about the UC Berkeley Professor who lost his laptop? La Shawn Barber has the story here:

Did you hear about the Berkely professor (Jasper Rine ) whose laptop was stolen, and he warned the crook that the feds would be looking for him? You can listen to the audio here and read the transcript here.

I’m not a techie (euphemism for nerd), but the warning sounded scary to me. One of Michelle Malkin’s readers thinks the professor is bluffing:

Interesting speech from Professor Rine. And a total bluff. I…have extensive knowledge of data communications, radio communications, radio signal tracking, computer security, and so forth. There are several things that Professor Rine stated that demonstrate that his story is false.

Laptops are stolen all the time, but I didn’t realize laptop stealing at Berkeley was so newsworthy.

Eccentric and absent-minded are the adjectives that come to my mind, Professor. Hope he does not lose any of the genetic code he so deftly manipulates. Heh!

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