Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hacking the Toyota Prius

Cool! You can plug your car into the electrical grid at night!

But, can you use it in the HOV lanes?

Read about it here:

Yeah, hacking your PSP is all fine and good, but you really have to give it up for anyone hacking a hybrid car. The New York Times has an article about two guys in California who are modding the Toyota Prius so that it can run entirely off of battery power for up to ten miles at a time and be plugged into a wall outlet at night, giving owners the option of juicing up the battery so they don’t have to fill up with gas as often as they do now (they claim they’re getting as much as 100 miles per gallon now). Toyota’s not digging it, since they want to emphasize the fact that the Prius works just like a regular car (they say this is just a scheme by the utilities to sell more electricity), but giving people the option to plug their car into the grid when they want to—but still run on gas when they need to—definitely makes sense, and the Times mentions that Chrysler is currently testing plug-in hybrid vans.

[Via Autoblog]

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