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A Very Long List of Blog Links on the Canadian Adscam Scandel

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit for providing this very long list and links of blogs who have commented on the Canadian Adscam Affair:

A VERY long list of links on Adscam I received this list from a Canadian blogger who for some odd reason is uncomfortable publishing in his or her own country. Amazing, ain't it?

April 2:

Brock: On the Attack - Change of Plans: Now the Liberals Want a Snap Election (best commentary I've read by far)

Political Staples - There is something going down at Gomery, Gomery Explosion Part 2

Angry in the Great White North - Excitement at the Gomery Inquiry -- though we don't know what it is

RightThinkingPeople - The Dreary Cycle Resumes

The-Comment.com - This is a test of the emergency election system

Small Dead Animals - Canadian Election On Horizon?, Gomery: Jean Brault Breaks Down, Gomery Publication Endrun?



Warren Kinsella - April 2, 2005 (still without permalinks)

The Tiger in Winter - Election in the offing?

CanadianComment - Sponsorship Inquiry Buzz

Pogge - On the other hand...

Daimnation - Something big is going down

PolSpy - A Canadian Conundrum

What it Takes to Win - Something is up! New Gomery testimony spurs talk of election, The Globe and Mail: Gomery testimony prompts election talk, Warren Kinsella is just starting to get into this....

Hacks and Wonks - Okay, here's the update...

Occam's Carbuncle - Somebody light a match

Gay and Right - New Gomery Testimony Devastating?

The Cyber Menace - New Gomery testimony may force an election!

Monte Solberg - Ready or not, here we come?, Gomery goes nuclear

Brigitte Pellerin - Not going well (April 1 entry - no permalink)

PolSpy - Brault Brault Brault Your Boat

Stephen Taylor - Hypothetical questions

Langley Politics - The federal blogosphere is humming...

Oracle of Ottawa - And the dawn came up like thunder

Max's Mewsings - Privilege may not be enough to skirt
AdScam ban

The Tiger in Winter - This is getting way, way, way into wishful thinking land..., Am I breaking a publication ban...

Andrew Spicer - Surreal


Larry Borsato - More on Canada's sponsorship scandal.

Cross-border Blogger - Gomery Commission

Angry in the Great White North - Jean Brault's Gomery Inquiry testimony -- The Explosive Details

Brent Colbert - I have no idea why you might be intrested
in this...

Ianism - Wide Open Is An Understatement

Faltering Lips - Sponsorship Scandal Heats Up

The London Fog - Dinner Time

BumfOnline - Wow

The Tiger in Winter - So about that hearsay stuff on blogs outside Canadian jurisdiction...


Daimnation - The damning testimony?


April 3:

The Sudden Sage - Adscam is blowing wide open

Joel Fleming - Is this it?

The Skrepnek Sidebar - "Full house, royal flush, what you holdin'?"


Ianism - The Kinsella Take - Choo Win Again

Before Dawn - Gomery Inquiry... An election to come?

Wyatt's Torch - What the Hell Goes on in Canada!

Brock: On the Attack - Publication Bans Don't Work in The
Internet Age

Political Staples - When the levee breaks

RightThinkingPeople - The Gomerama Makes the Big Time!!!

Civitatensis - Tears Are Not Enough

Striving Against Opposition - Gomery Inquiry and a Looming Election

HCS and Gen's Pad - Huge Scandal in Canada Brewing

Western Standard - Gone In An Electronic Mushroom Cloud

Small Dead Animals - Nealenews Links...

Shamrocks! - Gomery Smokes The Corrupt

The Tiger in Winter - Legality issues..., A sign...?

Gen X at 40 - Secret Testimony

The Meatriarchy - Scandal

Dust my Broom - Inquiry

Autonomous Source - Breaking the Gomery publication ban

RightThinkingPeople - Desperate Liberals - Coming Soon!

Inkless Wells - Gomery election Brault testimony

Quotulatiousness - Shhhhh! Gomery Publication Ban in Place!

Angry in the Great White North - The Jean Brault testimony publication ban might be lifted,I found them in my wife's purse...

Monte Solberg - Quick, hand me the Lysol

Cerdipity - Adscam - Gomery Inquiry

My Aisling - Maple Leaf Revolution, eh?

Spartac.us - Ottawa Freedom

Pogge - Reserving judgement for now

Section 15 - Gomery Inquiry heat is boiling the wingnuts

The Monger - I'm not going to break a publication ban...

Rempelia Prime - A Luddite on Brault

Tilting at Windmills - Sponsorship Scandal


GullChasedShip - The Lid's Blowing Off

the-comment.ca - Guilty is as Guilty does

The Politic - Canadian bloggers on Gomery

Ghost of a Flea - Sponsorship scandal

My Aisling - Who is Paul Martin?, Maple Leaf Revolution II, Who is Joseph-Charles Guité?, Maple Leaf Revolution, III

The Newest Industry - Wondering about the blacked-out testimony from the Gomery Inquiry?

Autonomous Source - Why is this news?

Political Staples - Sweating Bullets

Joel Fleming - Publication Ban

Banana Oil! - Hypocrisy, thy name is 'Nuck

Crawling in The T.O. - What's happening at Gomery this week?

The Musings of Brandon Jaynes - Canadian Corruption Scandal Update

Fighting on the Beaches - Sunday, April 03, 2005

Cave News and Views - Liberal government in Canada crumbling?

Pro Libertate Veritateque - Damning Details of Testimony at Gomery Inquiry?

Grandinite - OOOOHHHH Snap! (election)

The London Fog - Sending photocopiers to Leningrad

The American Thinker - Big Canadian scandal going public

Small Dead Animals - Tracking Brault Testimony Reaction

BlogsCanada eGroup (Don) - Election or defections

Ianism - WHERE Does He Keep His "Pair?"

Stephen Taylor - Snap elections, government turnover and the bankruptcy of the Liberal brand

Looney Canuck - The Old Order Is Crashing Down!


Brock: On the Attack - Legal Advice, Let's Be Pragmatic

The Gods of Copybook Headings - Da Proof is Da Proof is Da Proof, Hear No Gomery, See No Gomery, Speak No Gomery

Political Staples - The MSM catches up, Good Luck!

RightThinkingPeople - The Energy of Information

MSM, first report on Captain Ed's piece: CTV.ca, click the "CTV Newsnet: Rosemary Thompson with the details 1:33" link

April 4th:

Dissonance And Disrespect - Rotten to the Core

Taking Notes - Canada is far too corrupt to let the Liberals steal truth too.

Mark Peters - Gomery silence broken

Bene Diction Blogs On - Publication Ban

Back Off Government - Brault Fallout

News Junkie Canada - April 3, 2005

The Black Kettle - New Gomery testimony spurs talk of election

Yowling from the Fencepost - I didn't know wingnuts were so interested in ethics scandals.

strangerAttractor - Publication Ban? What Publication Ban?

The Politicker - Canadian Scams And Blog Bans, Canadians Tune Out Scandal, Welcoming All CQ Readers (And Look Up Too), More On AdScam, Canada Slips Further Into Oligarchy

Winds of Change.NET - Canada's Scandal: The Government vs. The Blogosphere

Ianism - A Looming Election?

Blogette - Stone Cold Crazy

Quotulatiousness - Gomery Information Clearinghouse

Stephen Taylor - Jane Taber just called

Turning 30 and a Half - Skeletons In The Closet

Rempelia Prime - What is a publication ban?

Before Dawn - Post Avalanche

What it Takes to Win - The MSM catches up...

Hacks and Wonks - Well, this is getting people interested in the scandal again..., zzzzzzz...wha?...*thinks to himself*..That's a good idea!

Angry in the Great White North - Did I need to do this?

Joel Fleming - Buzz, CTV reporting on CQ's Gomery Information, Media Bias

Mindless in Ottawa - Random Links to "American" websites...

The Globe and Mail - Testimony at Gomery published on blogs

The Newest Industry - Want Gomery? Can't Wait for Tomorrow?, Gomery-ized!, Gomery Testimony Leak: First-Hand Verification

The Politicker - The Blogosphere Can't Be Contained

Warren Kinsella - April 4th

Blogette - Winds of Change

PM the er ...um ...PM - Gomery Publication Ban

Quotulatiousness - Word Substitution Game

The Meatriarchy - Scandal II

Angry in the Great White North - The testimony is accurate -- Globe and Mail correspondent

Andrew Spicer - Surreal 2

Daimnation - Blogs 'n bans

gullchasedship - Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - AdScam ban breached

The Sun Chain - AdScam ban breached

The Toronto Star - Bloggers point way to banned Brault evidence

Angry in the Great White North - A warning from the Gomery Inquiry, Why are Canadian journalists giggling?!, Decisions being made..., Traffic overload -- what does that imply?

The London Fog - The microfilm is hidden in the wooden leg

Strange Women Lying in Ponds - Ed Riles the Canuck Govt

The Files of the Phantom Observer - Can Justice Gomery Take on the

On the Fence - Internet Im-Brault-Glio

Brock: On the Attack - Gomery Considering Charging Bloggers

Victoria Times Colonist - Stench of scandal hangs over

CTV - Banned sponsorship testimony on U.S.

CBC - Secret Gomery testimony appears on U.S. weblogs

CNews - Grits granted full standing at Adscam inquiry

National Post - Opposition slams Liberals over inquiry

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