Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Muhammad Caricature Watch: The FLAP Over Publication of Muhammad Caricatures on the Internet


Last Tuesday, during or immediately after my appearance on Fox News Channel to discuss the Mohammed Cartoons, this blog was hit by a large, foreign-based denial of service attack. Last night, my hosting service notified me that it is receiving ongoing threats from individuals vowing to take down this site--and others along with it--which will presumably continue until I take down the cartoons. For now, we are on guard and continuing with business as usual. But you should know there's something much wider and deeper going on:

I. Security Pro News reports on the latest Islamist hacker attacks spurred by Cartoon Jihad.

This blog has also published the Muhammad Caricatures and has NOT received notice of a denial of service attack - YET. Flap has an alternate Blog where I can transfer posts should this site ever be attacked and taken down.

The attacks are coming from all over; last week, a Tampa, Fla.-based hosting company took down a hacking site that had targeted the Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper that originally published the 12 Mohammed Cartoons.

II. ISN notes the growth of the "virtual jihad community:"

III. Andrew Cochran at The Counterterrorism Blog reports on Muslim cyberterrorist hacking of American websites, and posts one reader's thoughts on where this is headed:

The outstanding question is law enforcement response to Islamist "hack-tivists" defacing or otherwise compromising non-critical websites. Again, considered in isolation, defacing a women's motorcycle club website for a day or two is an aggravation but not a threat to society. Considered in aggregate, however, defacing and compromising thousands of webpages is a dangerous pattern, a sure sign of probes preliminary to a coordinated attack of potentially massive proportions.

Other blogs have been attacked as well.......

Via LGF, I learned that my favorite photoblog, zombietime, has been attacked as well:

I have been seriously targetted too. Had a DDOS attack from Turkey. Just in the last hour I've been reverse-spammed with dozens of viruses from these email domain addresses:

Looks like they're coming from Syria, Turkey, Britain and India today (all countries with large populations of Muslims).

Every day the attacks come from new countries: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, UAE, etc.

It's craziness.

So, stay tuned........


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