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Iran Nuclear Watch: Ali Larijani - Iran if Threatened Will Obtain NUKES


Ali Larijani, Iran ’s nuclear negotiator, delivers a speech during a news conference at the Iranian Embassy in Beijing January 5, 2007. Chinese President Hu Jintao urged Iran on Friday to ‘respond seriously’ to a U.N. Security Council resolution which imposes sanctions on Tehran’s trade in sensitive nuclear materials and technology.

Haaretz: Iran: If threatened, we may alter opposition to obtaining nukes

Iranian top nuclear envoy Ali Larijani said in a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao Friday that Iran is committed to peaceful use of nuclear technology.

“We oppose obtaining nuclear weapons and we will peacefully use nuclear technology under the framework of the Nonproliferation Treaty,” he said. “But,” he warned, “if we are threatened, the situation may change.”

Larijani also said Iran’s situation is “totally different” from that of North Korea, which conducted its first atomic test Oct. 9. International talks aimed at Pyongyang’s nuclear disarmament have failed.

“North Korea already has nuclear weapons, we are not after nuclear weapons,” Larijani said. “It is not part of our doctrine, political or national doctrine, to go after nuclear weapons.

But, if THREATENED Iran will just have to dust off the ol’ nuclear weapons and NUKE someone.

What a load……but not a surprise, now is it?


In the meantime, President ahmadinehad was bloviating about the rights of the Iranian people to nuke someone - I mean develop peaceful nuclear power.

In Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that sanctions won’t stop Iran from enriching uranium, state-run television reported.

“Iran will stand up to coercion. … All Iranians stand united to defend their nuclear rights,” state-run TV quoted him as saying.

“Enemies have assumed that they can prevent the progress of the Iranian nation through psychological war and issuing resolutions, but they will be defeated,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying on state-run TV.

Stay tuned……..

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The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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