Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day By Day by Chris Muir March 26, 2008

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The Democrat Party initiated the Super Delegate system to avoid a repeat of a 1972 George McGovern type melt-down. The system uses elected officials and party HACKS to act as a balance to elected delegates (primary elections and caucuses).

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama have won sufficient “elected” delegates to clinch the Democrat nomination. None of the future primary elections and caucuses, likewise, will provide sufficiently enough “elected” delegates to grant a majority before the convention in August.

Hence, unless a “DEAL” is consummated a “BROKERED CONVENTION” will occur. Whoever persuades a majority of the Super Delegates that they deserve the nomination will win.

In the meantime, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has indicated that most Super Delegates will not supercede the will of the Democrat voters in their selection of a nominee. However, each Super Delegate is independent and can vote their conscience at the Denver convention.

Barack Obama is currently leading in the total delegate count with Hillary Clinton having gathered momentum with late primary season wins and leads in the polls in upcoming primary contests.

Will Hillary be able to dislodge enough Super Delegates from Obama to win the nomination?

Flap says no and agrees that she has about a 5-10 per cent chance of winning the nomination. John McCain and Barack Obama will face off in the November general election.


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