Tuesday, April 08, 2008

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Elizabeth Green: ‘The teeth got more and more painful and one evening I couldn’t take it any longer’

Another NHS Dentistry horror story in the UK.

Elizabeth Green, 76, telephoned 12 dental surgeries complaining of severe toothache, but was told every time that they were not accepting new NHS patients.

Finally, her two front teeth became so painful that she was forced to extract them herself.

The number of people carrying out DIY dentistry is thought to be on the rise, due to the dwindling availability of NHS dental treatment.

Mrs Green, a former chef, said it was made plain to her that treatment would be available only if she was willing to pay for it.

“I feel so angry,” she told the Daily Mail. “I’ve worked all my life and paid taxes and then when I need help I can’t get it.”

Obviously, market forces in Britain are privatizing the system while the government clings to a socialized model of dental delivery that has failed.

Maybe more stories will shame the government in working with British dentistry to facilitate a more hasty transition to private dental health care delivery while providing for the truly needy and disabled.


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