Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Case of Dr. Roy S. Shelburne - 7 of 10 Counts Thrown Out of Court

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Dr. Roy S Shelburne and dental student (VCU) son Ross

In a shocking reversal of fortune, Virginia dentist, Dr. Roy S. Shelburne had seven of his ten jury convictions for money laundering vacated today.

In a stunning decision, a federal judge today vacated all seven jury convictions of a Pennington Gap, Va., dentist for money laundering.

James P. Jones, chief judge for the Western District of Virginia, upheld three convictions of Roy Shelburne for racketeering, structuring a financial transaction and defrauding Medicaid.

Jones’ opinion filed today pointedly rejected the government’s construction of the money laundering statute, which the U.S. Supreme Court interpreted last month, and highlighted the complexity of the case by setting aside seven of the jury’s convictions.

Dr. Shelburne will be sentenced on the remaining three convictions on July 10. Obviously a United States Supreme Court decision on June 2nd affected the law in this case.

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The Case of Dentist Dr. Roy S. Shelburne - Sentencing Postponed

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