Friday, July 04, 2008

Florida Governor Charlie Crist Engaged to Be Married


Fiancee Carole Rome and Florida Govenor Charlie Crist in April 2008

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has announced that he is engaged to be married.

Florida's most powerful bachelor is getting hitched.

Gov. Charlie Crist, single for nearly three decades, on Thursday morning became engaged to his girlfriend of nine months, Carole Rome.

"She's special in every way. She's brilliant, beautiful and sweet. I'm very, very lucky," Crist told the St. Petersburg Times in an exclusive interview.

Crist said he picked out the sapphire and diamond ring on Wednesday at the Gold and Diamond Center in St. Petersburg's Northeast Shopping Center.

No date has been set for the wedding, but Crist, 51, said it would be in St. Petersburg, where he is a member of First United Methodist Church. There probably also will be a reception in Tallahassee.

Speculation has been rampant for months about Crist and Rome's future, as the two have been steady companions. Two weeks ago Crist tamped down a rumor that the engagement already had happened, saying "Not yet. … Stay tuned."
This is an interesting development, particularly in the Veepstakes for John McCain's running mate. Crist has been rumored to be at the top of McCain's Vice Presidential selection list but the thirty years of bachelorhood for Crist led to speculation that he was gay.

Congrats to the Governor and many happy times with your new family.

Flap continues to believe that Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska would be the best Vice Presidential pick for McCain.

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