Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hannah-Beth Jackson Watch: Taxin’ Jackson Ad On Air

The latest televison ad from the California Taxpayer Protection Committee(Please excuse the blank look of the YouTube video, Flap has changed it but will take a few hours to provision, it has provisioned and is ok now)

This televison ad is burning up the airwaves on cable television in Thousand Oaks and throughout the California State Senate District Nineteen. The ad is paid for by the California Taxpayer Protection Committee.

Their website is here.

The ad is "on air" on Santa Barbara's KEYT and Santa Maria's KCOP.

Public documents on file with KEYT in Santa Barbara and KCOP in Santa Maria show a group called the California Taxpayer Protection Committee purchased nearly $53,000 in commercials that will run through early September.

Jackson is running against Republican Tony Strickland in a battle between former members of the Assembly in a Senate district that stretches from Santa Barbara to Simi Valley.

But, Flap has seen it multiple times on Fox News in Thousand Oaks this morning.


As you know Flap is supporting Republican Tony Strickland for the California State Senate.

Tony Strickland’s Facebook page is here.

Strickland’s California State Senate website is here.

And, while you are thinking about, go here and send Tony a few bucks to finance his media campaign.


Democrats for Tony Strickland Goes Live

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