Monday, October 13, 2008

American Dental Association in San Antonio October 16 - 19

ADA San Antonio

The American Dental Association national meeting and convention will be held this week in San Antonio, Texas.

The ADA's 149th annual session Oct. 16-19 will give attendees hundreds of opportunities to learn, network, shop for the latest dental products and services and enjoy ADA-exclusive special events.

The 2008 annual session marks the kickoff of the ADA's year-long 150th anniversary celebration," said Dr. Mark J. Feldman, ADA president. "This is a time to not only look back with pride at the road we've traveled, but especially to look forward to the next 150 years—and beyond."

The annual session will convene at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in the heart of downtown San Antonio.

ADA pre-session activities begin Oct. 15, continuing education will be held Oct. 16-19, the World Marketplace Exhibition will be open Oct.16-18 and the House of Delegates meets Oct. 17-21.
No offense to my Texas friends/dental colleagues but San Antonio is not the garden spot of the United States. Whoever decided to choose this locale over New York City, Chicago, San Francisco or Las Vegas are probably the same brain donors who chose Hawaii a few years ago (real accessible for mainland dentists and exhibitors, right?).

Flap will be interested to see what the dentist turnout numbers will be - if they are made public.

Flap is staying home......

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