Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NHS Dentists Gaming the Government Run Health Care System?


National Health Service dentists "GAMING" the government run socialized health care system? Really?

Dentists are calling patients back for routine appointments far sooner than they need to, in an effort to maximise profits, according to the Government's chief dental officer.

NHS dentists earn significantly more since new contracts were introduced in England two years ago but officials believe this could be because some are “playing the system”.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggests that most healthy patients do not need a check-up more than once every two years. But Barry Cockcroft, the Chief Dental Officer, believes that many patients are being called back for unnecessary appointments as often as every six months, or paying extra for repeat visits for fillings, crowns or other treatments that could be given in one go.
What do you expect when you have an articificial impediment to the free market? And, the prospect of a bureaucratic arm of the same socialized health care system (NICE) passing judgment on the appropriateness and/or frequency of dental care is ludicrous.

But, you know, if the government is paying for the care and the patients in the U.K subjugate themselves to a government run system, then shouldn't they really expect a "RATIONED" system where a bureaucrat tells you how often you can see the dentist AND what procedures can or will not be done?

Flap cannot even imagine such a nightmare scenario here in the United States. Americans would revolt - and well they did against the English crown in 1776.

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