Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweden Bans Mercury - Say Good Bye to Dental Amalgam (SILVER) Filings?

Dental-Amalgam filings

Dental amalgam filings in this pateint's first and second molars

Sweden has instituted a near-total mercury ban on products containing the heavy metal. This includes dental amalgam - the material used for the common silver filings used in dentistry.

How will this affect American Dentistry?

The handwriting is on the wall, despite what the American Dental Association insists.

Dental amalgam has been a relatively inexpensive and long lasting dental material but the environmental risks are well known.

Time to move on to other materials which are tooth colored, safer for dentist, patients and the environment.

Many American private practice dentists have abandoned amalgam years ago. Now, for the rest.


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Every other year, since I got out of dental school in 1985, there seems to be a public outcry about the mercury in amalgam, even though the ADA maintains its negligible affects. It has served us well over the years.

  2. It may well have served us well over the years and medicimne along with everything else moves on and we find better treatments. Other than if cost is very imprtant, why have a toxic metal in your mouth when you can have somtheing that is more aesthetically pleasing. At our dental practice in Epping, Essex; we are almost mercury-free and only use it in very rare situations.

    Brian Sidhu