Tuesday, April 28, 2009

California Governor Schwarzenegger and Legislature Abandon Health Care Reform

And, why not? The GOP Governor and Democrat dominated California Legislature will simply wait for the Obama Administration.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature have abandoned any serious attempt at health care reform in California. Instead, they're waiting for President Barack Obama to push national reform through Congress - but that raises the question: How well will the president's concepts address this state's particular health care nightmare?

We can't leave the answer to chance. The state has a disastrous budget outlook and a history of doing a poor job of capturing federal Medicaid dollars for health care needs. Schwarzenegger, the Legislature and business leaders need to get into this game, engaging California's congressional delegation and helping to shape the nation's new health care policy. What works in other states may not work as well here.
Adult Denti-Cal or Dental Medicaid for the poor has already been eliminated by the Schwarzenegger Administration as being a cost the Calfironia budget cannot sustain.

What makes anyone think that the federal government will do it any cheaper or expand services?

Again, it comes down to expense and who is going to pay for the dental treatment of others - poor or otherwise. The federal government and the Obama Administration in particular is no panacea.

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