Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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About three out of every 1,000 doctors were the targets of serious disciplinary actions by state medical boards last year. An annual report out from the watchdog group Public Citizen says the nationwide rate of serious actions, such as license revocations and suspensions, was 2.92 per 1,000 doctors last year. That was unchanged from the prior year — but remains below a peak of 3.72 in 2004.

A new study by researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore recommends a model program for urban pediatric clinics that can significantly reduce dental cavities in low socioeconomic infants and toddlers. The researchers at the University of Maryland Dental School conducted the 26-month study of 219 children, ages six to 27 months, at the University's Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center, a pediatric primary care clinic serving mostly low-income residents. Oral conditions of very young children were compared with those of older children at their first visit.

During a three month undercover investigation, a nurse working for Panorama has secretly recorded her experience working on an acute medical ward in a failing hospital. Most of the patients are elderly and some are dying. Panorama's investigation is a stark portrayal of the indignities faced by elderly people as they reach the end of their days in a major British hospital.

Objectives: We examined the associations between preterm birth and low birth weight and maternal caries history, maternal periodontal status, and salivary levels of mutans streptococci and Lactobacilli. Conclusion: Within the limitation of our study, low levels of Lactobacilli in saliva were found to be associated with preterm birth.

The authors list some causes of burnout among surgeons and other physicians: * Length of training and delayed “gratification” * Long working hours and enormous workloads * Imbalance between career and family * Feeling isolated / not enough time to connect with colleagues * Financial issues (salary, budgets, insurance issues) * Grief and guilt about patient death or unsatisfactory outcome * Insufficient protected research time and funding * Sex- and age-related issues * Inefficient and/or hostile work environment * Setting unrealistic goals or having them imposed on oneself

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