Monday, April 13, 2009

Should Republicans Back Universal Health Care?


Harvard's Regina Herzlinger

Regina Herzlinger makes the argument in favor.

The time for universal health insurance coverage has come. Everybody seems to know that -- except for the Republicans, all too many of whom cling to traditional denunciations of universal coverage as socialism. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus has been holding talks with Republican lawmakers over the past week, and all signs point to opposition from the GOP.

But for the welfare of the country and their political party, Republicans should, instead, seize the lesson of Nixon's trip to China. With one brilliant foray, Nixon converted the massive threat posed by the isolated China into an asset, secured a favorable mention in history, and stripped the Democrats of a key issue. By embracing their own brand of universal health coverage, Republicans can do the same.
But, she fails to explain how this helps in electoral politics. Because it doesn't.

A costly new program of universal health care with its concomitant redistribution of health care, plus rationing for the elderly is a non-starter for the GOP.

As for dentistry, does the Republican Party REALLY want to associated with a nationalized system like the NHS in the United Kingdom?

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  1. Another fine example of a 'Republican' who sways with the tide of the perception of public opinion. 'An idea whose time has come?' Not when people are fed facts instead of agenda-driven 'news' outlets.