Wednesday, December 29, 2010

UK National Health Service Dental to Test New System of Care

Well, obviously the previous NHS system initiated in 2006 has failed.
Ministers have agreed to push ahead with plans set out by Labour in summer 2009, which will herald the return of patient registration.

The current system was only introduced in 2006, but led to fewer patients using services.

Up to 60 pilots will be start running from next April taking into account patient list size, quality of care and courses of treatment.

The current system is based solely on courses of treatment, but led to cases where dentists turned away patients because they ran out of their quota of NHS treatments part way through the year.

Instead of improving access, one million fewer patients were treated in the two years after it was introduced than the two years before.
More "Big Government" machinations for a socialized system that has outlived its life. Migration over to private dentistry like Canada and Australia are in the best interests of UK patients.

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