Tuesday, January 04, 2011

BodyMedia FIT Teaming Up With Sprint to Provide Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Weight loss blogger Skinny Emmie (www.skinnyemmie.com) gives a video review of her BodyMedia FIT activity monitoring device.

I like the idea and this will be the ultimate in real-time monitoring for the person who wants to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sprint is partnering with BodyMedia out of Pittsburgh, PA to provide real-time connectivity between BodyMedia's personal monitoring wristbands and Sprint's smartphones. Similar to the popular FitBit, BodyMedia's wristband tracks activity levels which are then stored and analyzed on your phone.

Through the Sprint ID BodyMedia Pack, users will be able to make use of custom Android applications to see their calorie input vs. output, understand their calorie balance and create personalized workouts based upon caloric activity or step targets. The BodyMedia ID pack will be available during first half of 2011 while the new wireless embedded products will be launched this year.

It is all about accountability and that you will have with these devices.