Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emergency Dental Care USA Offers to Treat Iowa AllCare Dental Patients

This is a pretty generous offer from Emergency Dental Care USA.
The owner of a Des Moines dental practice is offering to complete treatment for patients of Allcare Dental & Dentures, which closed abruptly Dec. 31, 2010.

Michael Obeng, DDS, owner of Emergency Dental Care USA, said his dentists and staff in the Des Moines office will complete all unfinished dental work at no additional cost to Des Moines Allcare patients who can provide proof that they prepaid for the work.

Allcare closed its operations without advance notice due to cash flow difficulties, company officials said. Its Web site and phone lines also have been shut down. Information is being posted at

Emergency Dental Care USA and Allcare reached an agreement last week to transfer records and complete work that had been started. The transfer of records was officially completed on Jan. 5.

The Emergency Dental Care USA staff also plans to canvass those records to find patients who have paid for dental work that has not been completed.

find patients who have paid for dental work that has not been completed.

"We know there are several patients out there who are in pain because they started work that hasn't been completed," Dr. Obeng said. "We want to locate these patients as quickly as possible and schedule appointments for them so we can finish their treatment and relieve their discomfort."

Emergency Dental Care USA will honor warranties on dentures as well.

Finally, another dental management company makes a deal with the former Allcare Dental in order to take care of their former patients. I suspect there will be more such deals as Allcare begins to liquidate its dental practices in the various states.

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