Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Calgary Council Votes to End Fluoridation of City Water

In Calgary, Alberta Canada, this issue has been debated back and forth for a couple of decades now. The pendulum has now swung back against fluoridation.
After passionate and sometimes rancorous debate, Calgary city council voted 10-3 Tuesday to eliminate fluoride from the city's drinking water, rejecting pleas to send the matter to plebiscite or an expert panel.

The decision also went against the advice of Alberta Health Services, which has advocated for fluoride and maintains evidence shows it is safe and improves dental health. The vote left Calgary's chief medical officer "very disappointed."

And one local dentist worries that without added fluoride in the water, cavities in children will rise in coming years, and tooth problems will have to be treated more aggressively.

But the decision did thrill a number of anti-fluoride activists at the meeting, who have argued the compound should not be forced on people.

"It's been a battle," said Fay Ash. "It's about freedom, it's about choice and it's about people taking ownership of their own health, not having it imposed on them."
Now, the studies can commence whether fluoridation has been effective in reducing dental disease in Calgary and what will be the effects in the withdrawal of fluoride.

Unfortunately, this will take many years.

I foresee that more cities in Canada and the United States will decide to end fluoridation programs. Let's see what happens - I think I know.

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