Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Allcare Dental Has Transferred Nearly All Patients

The transfer of most patients in the Allcare Dental chain is almost complete in about two months.
Two months after a dental chain abruptly closed its offices in 14 states, it has transferred patients to other practices in all but four locations: one office each in Massachusetts and Ohio, and both offices in New Hampshire.

New York-based Allcare Dental and Dentures closed in January, leaving many patients with partially-completed work they had already paid for in full. With a few exceptions, the company since has reached agreements with other dentists to transfer patients.

Patients of Allcare Dental's former Evansville office should be able to gain access to their dental records. Transitions Dental Company, a West Lafayette-based dental practice with multiple Indiana offices, stepped forward in January to take possession of dental records from Allcare's eight Indiana offices, including one in Evansville.
I figured other dental offices would step up but litigation through the bankruptcy court to recover lost money will take years - if ever.

These type of problems occurred earlier in the 1900's and many state dental boards prohibited or heavily regulated "corporate" dentistry. But, lately, the boards have lightened up the regulation and more professional practice organizations came to the marketplace.

Now, it is let the dental patient beware.

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