Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Daily Extraction: Upper Right Decayed Molar

Dr. Tommy Murph extracts an upper right first molar with the 301 elevator

This molar tooth was periodontally involved and quite decayed. Dr. Murph makes short work of the extraction.

Here is the pre-operative radiograoh (x-ray):

And, the way the tooth looked in the mouth prior to the extraction:

Enjoy your Daily Extraction.

Dr. Murph is a South Carolina dentist who practices general dentistry who really excels in extracting teeth. For patients in the Myrtle Beach area, I can heartily recommend Tommy as YOUR dentist.

For dentists, Dr. Murph has a number of resources for you in extracting teeth, including one on one courses in his office.

Dr. Murph's website is here and his extraction manuals are here on e-Bay.


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