Monday, April 04, 2011

Video: Dentist Shortage in Arkansas

Well, if you are a young dentist or just finishing a residency and want to practice in Arkansas, there are undoubtedly opportunities.

There is a great need for increased dental health in Arkansas. It doesn't have a dental school.

"I think we have a pressing shortage here that would be alleviated by having our own college," says Dr. Charles Cranford at UAMS, which is trying to bring dental education to campus.

Arkansas ranks among the worst in the nation in the number of dentists per people.

"The average number of dentists per 100,000 is 60 and we have just a little over 40," says Dr. Cranford.

It is interesting that Arkansas never developed their own dental school. Since the dentist to patient ratio is so low, and the fact that baby-boom dentists will soon retire, it only makes sense to train their own Arkansas residents in order to retain more of their own in state.

Good luck to UAMS in building their new dental school/program.

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