Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heartland Dental Care Begins Social Media Initiative

Interesting, since I would have thought a big practice management company would already have a large presence online. But, it is never too late.
Heartland Dental Care, a leader in dental practice management, recently stretched into the viral world of social media, utilizing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to increase marketing awareness and communicate with a whole new audience.

"Further establishing our online presence is vital in allowing complete access to Heartland and providing current and prospective dental professionals the necessary tools to engage with our brand," said Nancy Pals, Director of Recruitment at Heartland Dental Care.  "With these social media additions, our reach is limitless – a factor that gives us a tremendous advantage in recruiting.  We can extend nationally or even worldwide if we want to; via multiple sources, everyone from doctors, dental students or anyone else for that matter can now learn how Heartland can best serve their needs."

With the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, users can find details about and apply for the latest career opportunities, stay abreast of industry news and engage with other Heartland Dental Care dentists and dental professionals.  Followers of Heartland will have access to candid discussions about Heartland and Dental Group Practice Management, clinical insights and other company specific details.
From what I have seen on this blog, they better be moderating their comments very closely. I look forward to some lively discussions regarding their practice management style and ethics.

And, besides LinkedIn, their Facebook and Twitter accounts are not active. They better get busy.....

Stay tuned.....

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