Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Video: Go to the Dentist and Have a Beer Part Two

Dr. Clint Herzog helps patients take the edge off with complimentary beer and wine

Wow! To think I used to give away free toothbrushes.
One Texas doctor is trying to ease fear of the dentist's chair one beer at a time.

"Well I got a mailer at my home," Robin Cappel said. "And it said 'Come in for a cleaning, free wine and free whitening.'"

When a patient walks in to Dr. Clint Herzog's office, they're offered a beer or wine to take the edge off.

"I really got tired of people not liking to go to the dentist saying, 'Hey, I don't like to go to the dentist. No offense,'" said Herzog, who came up with the gimmick. "Well, it's kind of an offense, because it's what we do all day."
I wonder when the Texas Dental Board is going to pay a complimentary visit?

Does anyone really think you need a glass of wine to have some rafiographs (X-rays) taken or for a routine teeth cleaning?

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