Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video: Knock Tobacco Out of the Park

Chicago White Sox Pitcher John Danks

Calling all Little League baseball players indeed.

NSTEP was founded in 1994 as an effort to educate the baseball family and the American public about the dangers of smokeless tobacco, and break the long-standing link between this potentially deadly drug and America’s pastime. Each year, anywhere from 10 to 16 million Americans put their health at risk by using spit tobacco products. Read more about the NSTEP history by Clicking Here.

Now in its tenth year of a partnership with Little League, NSTEP sponsors a slogan contest for all Little League players, annually reaching over 16 million children and families with tobacco avoidance messages. The 2010 winner was Eli Kruse from Woodstock, IL, who coined the phrase: “be a hitter, not a spitter- don’t chew tobacco!”  Eli won a trip to Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA along with a cash prize and donation to his Little League organization in Woodstock!  Up to 350,000 Little League players and their families visit our booth at the Little League World Series each August, where they receive oral health and tobacco education from OHA and our 2010 Sponsor, Delta Dental of California..

Words to the wise, whether it be young baseball players or the professionals: don't use these tobacco products. They are highly addictive and very dangerous to your health in so many ways.

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