Sunday, June 05, 2011

Legalize Self-Employed Dental Hygienists?

Free Clinic of Simi Valley July 29 2010 020

A few of my dental hygiene students from West Los Angeles College last year in front of the Simi Valley Free Clinic

This fellow over at the left wing Think Progress does not even have a clue.

Despite the dental cartel’s effort to silence me with hired goons it remains the case that one of the craziest policy practices common in the United States of America is widespread rules against self-employed dental hygenists. The way this works is that both dental hygenists and dentists are licensed occupations. And they perform distinct functions. Given the nature of the work, it’s quite natural that some dental hygenists would be employed by dentists. But it’s also natural that some dental hygenists wouldn’t be so employed. After all, there’s a lot of demand for teeth cleaning as such. But in many states, it’s illegal for a hygenist to work unless she works for a dentist.
How about education and training which varies in each state. Plus, professional licensing laws which are not national in scope, but the province of each state and their state legislature. Some states, including California permit and license independent dental hygiene practice.

It is easy to ridicule and bitch and moan, but to what end?

And,what is really the goal here?

Probably just bitching and moaning, it seems.

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