Monday, June 13, 2011

OOPS: House Movers Almost Take Away the Wrong Dental Clinic

HOUSE OF PAIN: Camberley School's dental clinic was jacked up for removal in error on Saturday after a miscommunication within the house removal company. Photo / Warren Buckland

I guess it was just an honest mistake but......
House movers were left red-faced after a Hastings school dental clinic was jacked up and almost moved off-site in a case of mistaken identity this weekend.

Movers were supposed to be shifting a disused dental clinic at Heretaunga Intermediate, but went to Camberley school instead.

Camberley School principal Pat Watson said police alerted the school to an issue with a burst water pipe on Saturday afternoon.

When a staff member arrived to tend to it, he found the dental clinic building about a metre above the ground on wooden stilts.

"If we hadn't been called out it probably would have been gone by now," Mr Watson said.

"It's just a big mistake. They've been very good about it though, they were here all day yesterday sorting it out, had plumbers and electricians down straight away and there's no disruption to the school."
The dental clinic has already been re-connected and back in place. The correct dental  clinic at Heretaunga Intermediate School has been moved.

Life is all good.

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