Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pew Center Video: The State of Children's Dental Health

I just ran across this video about the Pew Center's The State of Children's Dental Health Report.
More than 16 million U.S. children go without even basic dental care each year. Pew's report card, The State of Children's Dental Health: Making Coverage Matter, assesses states' ability to serve insured and soon-to-be-insured children. In this year's 50-state report card by the Pew Children's Dental Campaign, 27 states earned grades of an A or B, while 23 states and the District of Columbia received a C or lower grade. However, the 2011 grades for 22 states were higher than their 2010 grades, revealing that even in a time of fiscal distress, dental health policies can be improved.
I have written my review on their California report card over at
As you can see, I am not too fond of this report. But, Pew is a large, well-funded organization and one with an agenda to promote dental therapists as a way to improve access to dental care for underserved populations. This report must be viewed with this in mind.

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