Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video: Update on Dayton Veterans Administration Dental Clinic Investigation

You remember the Flap?

And, now there is more to the investigation, if you call it that.

Several bound documents offer the latest in the ongoing investigation into the Dayton VA dental clinic. This is updated information from the VA about a dentist and  the issue of veterans who may have been exposed to bloodborne illnesses because of the doctor's poor hygiene practices.

According to Congressman Mike Turner,  "Today, we give them additional documents for their initial investigation that should broaden the report for the health at risk that the VA has recognized and offered testing".

VA employees complained for years about Dwight Pemberton, a dentist who for 18 years, had not been practicing proper hygiene, using gloves without changing and not sterilizing some equipment. Since then, 9 of those patients who were tested showed positive for hepatitis B and C, two life threatening liver diseases.

But Congressman Turner and the task force from the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association want accountability, no retaliation for employees to report incidents and expansion of the number of veterans to be tested.

But, the dentist involved denies the charges, but there are incidences of Hepatitis.

It looks to me that the Obama Administration needs to get involved here and do a proper investigation.

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