Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boston Red Sox's Adrian Gonzales Promotes Anti-Tobacco Message in New TV Campaign for Massachusetts Dental Society

Baseball slugger Adrian Gonzalez

Maybe some of his fellow players like Tim Lincecum will take his advice.
Red Sox All-Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and NESN have partnered with the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) to produce a new television campaign that highlights the dangers of smokeless tobacco.

The six-week campaign features Gonzalez in a 30-second commercial conveying the message that "Smokeless Tobacco is Not Harmless Tobacco." It's part of an effort that supports the same theme that MDS introduced several years ago when it launched its "Tips on Spit" anti-smokeless tobacco program.

"The MDS is thrilled to be able to partner with NESN on such an important campaign," MDS President Dr. Charles Silvius said. "And we are especially grateful to Adrian Gonzalez for his participation and support in helping us to educate the public on the dangers of smokeless tobacco."

The commercial featuring Gonzalez, which began airing on NESN on Monday, is set with the Red Sox dugout as the backdrop. It will air during NESN's Red Sox games, Red Sox pregame and postgame shows through Labor Day weekend and during the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show.
The nicotine addiction in chewing or "smokeless" tobacco is even worse. This habit in baseball needs to end for the health of its players.

And, the health of everyone.

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